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Title in process. LOL

An attempt to write a story, a book.

I’ve been having a lot of ideas at night after reading a book and i really can’t sleep cause i kept on thinking of what will happen next with the stories I made and kept in my mind. Right now I am reading “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexander Dumas. I am really into this book and even had a dream about Dantes, which I think is awesome. ahahhahaha XD

So here is a a part of a draft that I wrote this night, I am really frustrated as i kept on changing and manipulating, I can’t keep my focus and felt that i have a lot of grammar errors. (I already made lot, but i’m not yet sure if all that I had written is necessary.)

I have this concept always flashing in my mind whenever I close my eyes at night. I am still trying to build up the characters traits and the story point. So to enlighten myself a bit, I read some guide on how to write a book. 

I really hope I can finish what i started.

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20, Graduate of Tourism, dreaming of becoming a flight attendant, theater actress, wedding planner or an artist or a writer.

Wants to travel but still lacking in resources. XD

loves to eat, sing, dance and smile :)

still searching / waiting for my prince. :D

nice to meet you! :D

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